Offers another convenient way to order a taxi in Sofia and its surroundings.



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Why online ordering?

  • Your order is directly send in our electronic system for customer service.
  • No more 'busy signal'.
  • If you use smartphone, your address will be located automatically.
  • You can specify your position directly on the map.
  • You can order different taxi for every destination.
  • You can order a taxi for your desired time.
  • You can note that will carry luggage, animals and more.
  • You may remember most frequently used addresses and easily create new orders with just a few clicks.
  • You can watch your order status and track your taxi in REAL TIME.
  • Ordering is easy, even if you do not speak Bulgarian.
  • If you are arriving from abroad, you can ensure our taxi will waiting for you at the airport, bus station or train station, without conducting international calls
  • You can write your opinion about the service.

How it works?

What you should know?